Echoes Through the Mist

Seductive, evocative and truly enthralling, ECHOES THROUGH THE MIST is a novel of mystery and romance, second sight and learning to trust in a reality beyond the one you know. 

What people are saying this Amazon Best Seller

     “Both my head and my heart responded to Mr. Ryan's prose.” 

     “This has been a book to remember.” 

     “This well researched book introduces characters that will live on in your memory long after the last page is completed.” 

     “A real page turner. Ryan has a way with words that will satisfy any discriminating reader.” 


Julian Blessing’s high-octane Wall Street career is likely to land him in prison. The economy is rapidly melting down. His ex-wife wants him dead and some Russian mobsters share her sentiments. And that’s just today. 

Julian thinks now would be the right time to start listening to the voice only he hears. The words Julian hears bring a message as emphatic as it is baffling and propels him to a village on the rugged coast of Ireland. 

A madman possessing supernatural powers wants to sow terror in the hearts of those in the village. His craving for revenge and his limitless greed put Julian directly in his path. By protecting the village, Julian puts himself high on the madman’s to-be-slaughtered list. 

Desperate for any advantage, Julian discovers the Hagan, a woman with vast supernatural gifts who is steeped in Ireland’s ancient wisdom. Hers are otherworldly talents with decidedly this-worldly applications. 

Victims are multiplying fast as Julian races to unlock the Hagan’s mysterious arts. Her arcane knowledge is the only hope he has of drawing his fellow villagers back from annihilation. 

To stay alive long enough to use what he learns, Julian must trust his heart to a stranger, his soul to a witch and place his life in the hands of a village full of Irish lunatics.

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Echoes Through the Mist