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I owe a debt. My novel, The OLIGARCH is dependent on the suffering of the Guatemalan indigenous during the  Civil War. Several years ago, while writing El Peon, my first novel set in Central America, I had reason to research the indigenous of the area. My motive was simple, I needed information of the who, what and how type. What I found was a flood of news stories about indiscriminate murder, internment, starvation, and rape as an instrument of war. Collectively, and sometimes specifically, these stories told a story of genocide.

When the first draft of El Peon finished itself, I put it aside and plunged into Candyman's War, a novel featuring a young, engimatic Mayan man who took up the fight-then took it to the ruling junta. In the course of that story, I met a doctor (a character), whose Mayan stepmother (by coincidence, a Kaqchikel woman), so intrigued me, I immdiately plunged into The OLIGARCH. I'm now into the sequel of that story, this time with a young Mayan/American teenaged woman. You see where I'm headed.

My books have a debt to pay. I have an emotional connection to the people that far exceeds what you might expect given only visits to the country. A good friend found this site and immediately knew that I would connect. Here is a quote from their welcoming email:

"Please allow me the honor of introducing you to an exceptional group of traditional Mayan women who face poverty, racial discrimination, and gender inequality with courage, humble dignity, and an unstoppable determination to effect change. They believe that education for their children and for themselves is crucial to reaching their collective goal of improving their economic circumstances and of maintaining their culture and its values for generations to come.  
You will receive our biannual newsletter--called Maltiox, which means 'thank you' in Kaqchikel--and updates about the traditional lives and culture of the AMIDI women, their hard earned achievements, and their goals for the future."

Yes. And thank you for reading this far. Twenty-five percent of The OLIGARCH's revenue received from Amazon will be donated to this cause.


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