Echoes Through the Vatican

Rich, sensuous and evocative, ECHOES THROUGH THE VATICAN is set in the halls of power jealously guarded by some of the most powerful men on earth. 

What people are saying about this Amazon Best Seller

     "Mesmerizing! I was fascinated by the pace, the intricacies of the characters, the twists and turns of the plot and the originality of the story." 

     "This particular work probably exposes more truth about the workings of the Vatican, and paranormal activities, than many influential people of our times would prefer." 

     "'Vatican' captured me on page one and didn't let me loose. I'm still held captive waiting for book three. Hurry!" 


Julian Blessing is an ordinary man with extraordinary abilities. While in Rome to investigate an ancient mystery, Julian is plunged into a world of paranormal power, deception and danger. At the heart of it all is a baffling cipher – The Jesuit Book. 

A shadow organization, tracing its dark ancestry back two thousand years, wants only one thing from Julian – Assassinate the pope, the leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics. 

A corrupt cardinal, an honorable priest, a sadistic mobster, a whorehouse madam and a stymied police inspector – They all want something and that something is Julian Blessing. 

The loss of everything Julian would give up his life to protect is the consequence if he fails to navigate the deadly maze of Vatican intrigue. 

With everything at stake, what if you lose? And what of the Jesuit Book? 

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Echoes Through the Vatican