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"SAVE THE BONSAI, BY AARON AALBORG is an unusual novel. It is part science fiction, part fantasy, and part fast moving cataclysmic thriller. It breaks the rules of all these genres.

One of the main characters is transgender. The media is obsessed with this, but that is not why Aaron wrote about it. This person, based on a real case, is central to the story.  Maybe the book will create empathy for the discrimination such people suffer.

Save the Bonsai is a dramatic example of the consequences of spoof fake news. The action takes place globally but is primarily focused in the USA and Japan.

The author has a sardonic sense of humor. Save the Bonsai reflects so much that is wrong with the world today, from greed, to environmental destruction, from human gullibility to leaders seeking sociopathic domination.

The ending is controversial. The reader has to decide whether the new world order it describes is benign or the ultimate horror."




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Chris j Clarke- Blood Axe the saga of a twenty first century Viking

 This is my first book published as Chris J Clarke, rather than as Aaron Aalborg. It is now available from Amazon, as both a paperback and an e book.

 Blood-Axe is the modern fantasy tale of men and women who form a Viking re-enactment group. They become carried away and destroy a town in England.

 It is a rollicking mixture of hilariously crazy scenes; scary social comment on the inner Viking that is in all of us and a cliff-hanging thriller with unexpected twists and turns.

As usual all profits go to the charity OXFAM


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