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Terminated Volume 2

From Hero to serial killer- After a secret but stellar military career, Alex McDonald struggles to the top sequentially in: Management Consulting, Investment Banking and Executive Search. The struggle of the UK miners against the Thatcher government plays an important part in the story. He wins and loses love.

Alex encounters corruption and psychopaths all around him and has to deal with them. He reveals the evils of the food industry. There is a long trail of surprises, revenge and death.

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A new thriller

Terminated-the making of a serial killer

Book 1 From the slums to the Falklands War

Revelations from newly released British government archives form the background to this exciting and fast paced thriller. Love, lust, betrayal and murder dog the steps of Alex, a man from a disadvantaged Scottish background. The excitement twists and turns as he desperately struggles against the odds for success in his relationships, his career and war.

Terminated takes us into a world of corruption, combat and espionage. It brings the reader a dash of Zen and thought provoking and shocking insights into large companies and the military. The tension builds as the events around the Falklands War unfold.

Terminated is a must read for those who like cliff hanging thrillers, and anyone interested in the world of big business, management consulting or the Falklands War.